Martech Demand Gen Technology Structure Jennifer George May 13, 2024
PORTFOLIO SPOTLIGHT Sales Enablement and Channel Marketing
Product / Solution

Omnicell Enterprise Solutions [health segment]

Codonics, MediSafe [partner marketing]

Major Project Elements

Market Planning and Strategy, Messaging, Positioning, Market Research, Partnership Management, Pricing Models, Backend Systems

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AWS Sales Sheet

Foundational Product Support

I joined Omnicell as they were transitioning to an AGILE company.  A large consulting firm had just exited and set them on the path for core team led product management.  My marketing team was a highly skilled group of 8 product marketing managers who managed upstream and downstream. We spent over 40% of our worklife in the field collectively, meeting with partners, health systems, end-users, sales. Everyone owned a solution and they were held responsible for how it performed in the market.

By listening, seeing, learning we crafted a better story, a stronger product position and pricing models that worked for the business. The committment and dedication from the team to their craft contributed to the the company growing revenues 300%+ over a 6 year time period. 

Enterprise B2B growth can be challenging to attain for complex solutions with long sales cycles.  Understanding and executing product development roadmaps along with strategic marketing and sales enablement is criticial for success.

Project Reel

Market Research, Symposium, Ads and CMEs

Selling products with a long sales cycle requires a deep understanding of the customer journey. I start with research and move into engagement, ads, customer support [post sale]. These are examples of specific programs aligned to that process. 

Category: Demand Generation
Social Media Ads
Video & Trade Publication Ads

ROI Study - precursor. Business Case for investment from Enterprise Healthcare in new technology. 

EPIC Omnicell Flyer
Category: Product Platform
Emails & Infographics
Product Microsites
Content: Frontline Guide

EHR vendor symposia in New York. 

Omnicell Healthcare Ad
Category: Product Launch
Social Media Posts & Ads

I love the simplicity of this campaign and the tagline"Our Obsession is Your Solution". Delivering peace of mind by having a company always focused on your needs as a provider. 

CME Course Example
Category: Thought Leadership Content
Microsite, Landing Page
Ad Banners

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Product Marketing Impact

I am relentless about setting marketing goals aligned us to scorecards and abilities to measure contribution.

Converted all marketing content to Challenger
Grew Peer to Peer marketing program sales by 60% to $70M
Build Channel Marketing from $0 to $30M
Growing Green Award Winner [Marketing 1st] for Digital App, Clinical Study and Partnerships
Lead by getting started

My years of experience in the fundamentals will propel your business.

Managing Details IS Part Of The Process

Structured Outreach

Challenger campaigns, which is what we used at Vocera, focused on presenting the prospect wih the right asset at the right time to drive conversion and interest.   Did taking the time to plan our approach work? Absolutely.  

Campaigns build a powerful platform for the brand – creating loyalty, trust, enabling a true problem / solution conversation to evolve. 

Marketing Technologies Help Companies Scale

[This graphic is an example of the martech and customer engagement stack I used at Vocera.]

Channel Marketing

Extensive Experience


15 years Partner and Channel Markeing

GTM with Partners

Codonics TEAM Frost and Sullivan Award


  1. Brand Standards
  2. Brand Extensions
  3. Presentations 
  4. Content Templates
  5. Product Messaging
  6. Brand Identity
  7. Mobile App Branding
  8. Core Graphical Elements
  9. Style Guides
Ignite Your Story with Video

Video continues to drive audience engagement no matter which segment you are selling into. Video does a much better job sharing the value proposition for co-sold, co-developed solutions than most tactics. Why?

Effective Brand Building. Video storytelling showcases a company or product's personality, values, and offerings in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Effective co-selling, co-promotion. Demonstrating two companies [or multiple] features in video format is much easier than attempting to create literature that has the same impact. There are use cases for both [of course].  Codonics was supported by multiple videos and end-user training products to ensure product success and enterprise level adoption.  

How It Works:
Product Integration Example

AWS Video
Play Video
Outbound Campaign Elements
Examples of Martech Engagement Technologies
Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19