Mobile Apps and SaaS Solution Marketing Jennifer George May 14, 2024
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B2B, B2C, Healthcare, IT

Major Project Elements

Brand Development, Sales Materials, App Store Management, Website, Infographics, Demand Generation Strategy & Assets, Storytelling

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TrainerRx Home page

TrainerRx Telerehab for Patients with Orthopedics Injuries [recovery at home]

Humanize Mobile Marketing

I started adding real people to my marketing campaigns over 15 years ago. Every so often I change it up and use illustrations.  I’ve tested marketing concepts that use people vs those that don’t at scale and time and time again the human wins. Millions of emails, and thousands of ads.

What drives conversion?

Using humans in your advertising.  

The company shown on the left is in the Telerehab space [this is a cut of the website I designed] their experience is bold, bright, interesting, compelling.

The demo access is via the small finger on the screen. You touch it and you’re in.  If your product promises simplicity and ease of use – show it in your marketing. 

Effective SaaS Marketing Is Complex

Complicated Market Expands Marketing’s Tasks 

In the SaaS market, reaching customers is driven by various factors: the industry’s fast pace, reliance on data-driven decisions, the challenge of differentiation, and effectively communicating value. This is a complicated environment for marking to “own”.

To excel, understanding your audience is key. Dive deep into data, product use cases, and audience needs. Locate your target audience and utilize appropriate engagement tools. Remember:

1. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach; a tailored plan is essential. 

2. Test, iterate, and foster insights that lead to creativity. 

3. Before diving into product marketing, start with product data and refine the brand experience, including story arch. In that order.

Through market and product insights we can create materials that SELL solutions effectively. 

Campaign Structure
Using Challenger in Marketing or other structured outbound messaging construct? Consider the process defined in the link below. Proven to work at scale.

Keys to Driving Reliable Growth

Paid Social Media Converts 2:1 for most brands
Cohesive experience across all major assets
Journey mapping matters to this market
Building from zero? Using thought leaders is a must
Select Campaigns

Marketing for Mobile and SaaS Solutions

Below are examples of marketing I’ve created for a variety of Mobile and SaaS solutions. 

Wearable sensor ad
Social Media Ads

It is important to optimize budget when running digital ads. This B2C social media ad campaign, which ran on Amazon and Facebook, was the most cost-effective.

Email Marketing Example

Example of an email campaign directed to Health System IT buyers - Cybersecurity software. 

Layout Vocera Devices page

Numerous products leads to creative positioning in digital marketing. I typically use a "Z" format for page layouts. Read more here.

Features and Benefits

Anatomy of a product is a good approach when explaining solution features and especially given that audiences like to browse rather than read content. 

Lead by getting started

My background and expertise will propel your business.

Outbound Campaign Elements
Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19