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The Power of Connections Channel Marketing
Building Value Together

In our wide-reaching world, partnership examples are everywhere in some shape or form. From cities to schools, healthcare, tech, food, clothes, services and so on.

The foundation of co-creation rests on a simple idea: By collaboratively crafting solutions that tackle shared challenges, we can cultivate unique competitive advantages and nurture ideas and solutions for the market and customers. This approach proves more efficient than what each partner could achieve on their own.

Earily in my career I established partnerships with the California Coastal Commission on behalf of City government. The experience, provided a criticial understanding into community dynamics and the delicate balance required to meet stakeholder needs.

I have continued to build on this experience for healthcare and tech companies. Today, almost 57% of organizations utilize channel partner programs to acquire new customers

My core belief is together we can achieve more.

Partners Drive Growth

A report in the Harvard Business Review indicates that 94% of tech executives view innovation partnerships as necessary to their strategy. [Read the article.]


Partner Testimonials

"We launched our product with Jennifer. Building from zero through two complex, matrix organizational structures to drive adoption. From creative selling ideas to end user education. We never lost momentum. Her efforts generated over $15M of business."

Randy Tucholski
Senior Sales & Partnership Director, Codonics

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Jennifer for more than four years, and her contributions have proven to be indispensable. Her profound grasp of healthcare market intricacies, coupled with her ability to unite individuals in pursuit of shared objectives, has been truly revitalizing. Jennifer's unwavering commitment to project completion sets her apart as an exceptional collaborator.

Lakshika Tennakoon, MD, MPhil, DrPH
Department of Surgery, Stanford University

Broad Experience

I've collaborated with BD, Sales, and Product teams extensively to develop partner ecosystems. Among the most intricate was Omnicell, a medication management platform spanning technology, pharma, and healthcare sectors. Creating business plans and financial models with key partners like Baxter, Fresenius-Kabi, Microsoft, and Codonics.To learn more about my experience visit: Industries, Giving Back, and  Publications and Research  

Areas of Focus


  1. Partner Sourcing
  2. Business Plans
  3. Financial Models
  4. Sales Presentations 
  5. Lead Gen
  6. User Training
  7. Branding
  8. Demo Strategy
  9. Research Studies

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Video Story Cooper Health and ShotSpotter share their story related to saving lives using technology.

Lead Gen content programs, like one, created with PSQH were responsible for 30% of our lead gen funnel at Vocera.

Creating and following a well-designed plan will always win - not goals. Fall in love with structure.
Channel Marketing
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Unleash the power of collaboration

Work with a proven and passionate channel marketing leader.

Codonics Safe Labeling System: Example

When crafting a marketing program for a smaller company with an outstanding healthcare product, it's crucial to tailor strategies to address the target market's specific needs and pain points. By understanding the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals or patients, the marketing efforts can resonate more effectively, leading to increased engagement and sales.

Ultimately, prioritizing the product's alignment with the target market's needs ensures not only customer satisfaction but also sustainable revenue generation for the company. Codonics is an excellent example of a company that has benefited to their methodical approach to partnerships.  


Joint Collateral

Product Integration Value Prop

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The Importance of Building from Zero

I've always been drawn to starting from scratch. There's a unique thrill in not being handed a playbook to optimize. Creating something entirely new is far more captivating and fulfilling than refining something already existing.

  1. Scaling a partnership from zero to $15 million YoY sales for 1 company in two years is a whirlwind.  You need to be comfortable being THE relentless advocate.
  2. I started from nothing—no pricing, no product integration- simply two great products. 
  3. Our buyers demanded Codonics technology.

Partnerships require diverse skills. Comfortably navigating uncharted waters under the promise that the significant effort and resources are worth it.  

With Codonics, I focused on research and understanding the solution's impact on customer workflow. Can we prove the combined solution decreased medication errors? Read more about our research.

Together, the Codonics team and I worked tirelessly to ensure customers understood how to use the solution and that we had a clear path for integration. 

 The strength of partnerships is about adaptability and commitment from both sides. I'm thrilled to be part of Codonics' success story, which has profoundly impacted patients and providers. 

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