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You are only as strong as your network. The power of connections can transform you, your way of thinking, and the world beyond. The individuals and companies listed below are experts in their respective fields. I've had the pleasure of working with them, in some cases, for decades, and I continue to be inspired by their work

Jennifer C. George
Artwork & Design
Designs solve problems and Art provokes thought and emotions.
Software & Development

Well versed on the latest tools, languages.

Sales Operations
Sales strategy and execution, using process and technology
Media & PR
Story’s and content that break the frame and drive change.
Strategic Communications
Raise awareness, change attitudes and motivate people.
Video Storytelling
The power of “story” to use emotions to connect with audiences


What shapes a career? Some might tell you it is a crucial decision or learning over many years. When I look back at my career, one word comes to mind: partnership. I’ve worked with the leaders below for many years.

20+ years of experience in web design, graphic design, motion design, production

Heather Rhine
Digital Design
Expert at creating innovative branding, ads and animations for Kaiser Permanente and Vocera / Stryker.

Amazon Web Services

James Weaver
AWS Prototyping & Cloud Software Engineering
Expert and building and leading custom solution development.

Garrett Communications

Michelle Garrett
PR Consultant & Writer
Expert B2B PR consultant, writer, and speaker. Content creation to media coverage.

20+ years of experience. Medical, Health, Tech including Intuit.

Lena Cuartas-Ward
Creative Director 
20+ years of building brands for Fortune 500 and start-ups. Digital, ads, brand strategy, and buyer journey.

25+ years of experience
Bronwy Communications

Bronwyn Saglimbeni
Strategic Communication,
Speaker & Coach
Popular motivational speaker! “Midwifed” over 150 TEDx, TEDGlobal, TED Talks & more.

U.C. Santa Barbara film school graduate
Mad Rocket Films

Sean Skelton
Video Storytelling
Deep expertise in script development, production, & film. with an emphasis on simplicity.

20+ years of experience

Brian Careway
Creative design partner with diverse client experience. Always thinking one step ahead.

Health Economics Consultant, LLC

Linda Pauer
Market Access Strategist

30+ years in global healthcare economics and diagnostics. Expert at building from zero.

Our group of experts understands the importance of collaboration. We cover all aspects of the marketing and business management across many verticlas. We eat, sleep and breath your success.
Nimble, Conscientious, Diverse, Balanced, Collaborative, Creative, Visionary, Human

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