Recognition for End-to-End Marketing Impact Jennifer George June 28, 2023
Recognizing Innovation and Impact AWARDS
Awards celebrate hard work and success
Validates New Markets

Applying for a business award allows for the opportunity to compare your company with others in your industry. This is very useful for companies operating in new categories.

For example, Codonics, which is a novel medication labeling system, submitted numerous awards when they launched their solution- knowing they needed awareness and validation. - after much hard work, the were also recognized by Frost and Sullivan.

3rd Party Credibility
For Codonics, they leveraged 3rd party recognition to secure top tier partnerships with customers [leading hospital systems] and also companies like Omnicell and BD.
Builds Morale
It is much easier to attract and retain talent when you work with an organization that continues to be recognized by the industry they are part of.
Codonics Award Team Image

The Codonics team + me [Omnicell – can you find me?] at the Frost and Sullivan industry awards – bringing back Gold for industry solution of the year. View the channel marketing we worked on.

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Throughout my career I’ve been recognized for my creativity coupled with ability to develop market winning products. Highlights are below. Today I also spend time giving back by as an award reviewer for a few highly regarded organizations like the Stevie Awards.
Selected Product Marketing Awards
Selected Professional Awards
Growing Green Award
Winner for Marketing recognizing the launch of the Medisafe + Omnicell SureMed Digital App
IABC Gold Stevie Award
Winner – Digital Health App Launch for TrainerRx

University of Pennsylvania, Institute of Executive Education

Recognized for my pursuit of Lifelong Learning 

Every story has a beginning
Develop an actionable flight plan for your business. I can show you how.

Promoting Recognition

How do you promote awards? Easily. Have fun with it. Leverage vendor branding wherever possible.
A few recent examples of my work are below.

When Simple is Best
To tell the Time story, we leveraged the well recognized brand for all digital campaigns.

2020 Best Innovations Vocera – Time Magazine
Two Decades of Recognition Vocera’s successes were also shared in timelines which displayed a history of results.

20+ Industry Awards
Vocera – 2 Decades


Using 3rd Party Logos
In this social campaign for DNA Nexus, we prominetly placed the Fast Company Award.

2022 Fast Company DNA Nexus
matters the most.
Creating and following a well-designed system will always win - not goals. Fall in love with structure.

Using Video to Share Your Story

Examples of the technology “explainer” video that I created for ShotSpotter and a new platform video for Intraprise Health. Read more about my focus on giving back and making a difference.  

cooper-final-thumbnail video
Play Video
Chart Healthcare Risk
Play Video about Chart Healthcare Risk
Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19