Power Growth with Conversion Marketing: Discover How Jennifer George February 25, 2024

Modern Marketing & Igniting Growth

“The organizations that succeed realize that offering a remarkable product with a great story is more important and more profitable than doing what everyone else is doing just a bit better.”

Marketing Is Changing- Is Your Business Adapting?

Marketing is undergoing a seismic shift driven by technology, buying behaviors, and evolving market dynamics. The landscape is complex and migrating quickly even as I type these words. How leads are driven through the funnel has shifted to personalized approaches. We are seeing the rise of social media and data analytics, plus the impact of AI in our work and, of course, search.

A marketing leader with a foundational understanding of market dynamics is necessary for a business to thrive. 

Using my background, experience with modern technology, and understanding of market dynamics, I provide a fresh perspective grounded in data + expertise to stay ahead in this market.

Learn more about how marketing is changing. [Informative article on Medium]

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78% of small businesses fail because they lack a well-developed business & marketing plan *
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* = U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Running the Race

The explosion of technology over the last 5 years has directly impacted how we market. Beyond the 4Ps [product, price place, promotion], Marketing delivers on customer experience, crafts the brand story, creates financial modeling, and much more. 

In looking at demand gen alone, thousands of tech engagement vendors cater to marketing.  How do you choose the best fit?  It rolls up to strategy which is why it pays to work with a marketing expert. I lead:

  1. Market Analysis: Understand the industry landscape, including market size, trends, competitors, and the behavioral characteristics of your ideal customers.
  2. Digital Strategy: The design, execution, and management of digital assets aligned to a strategy, from martech to advanced ABM. 
  3. Brand & Content Development: Crafting and presenting a brand, from product messaging and company positioning to look and feel.
  4. Channel Development: Recommending effective channels (e.g., digital, social media, traditional) and cultivating partners to reach and engage buyers. See work examples.  Visit Channel Marketing page
  5. Budget and Project Management: I use various tools to manage programs effectively, selecting solutions that align with an organization's needs, from Dropbox to Asana. Additionally, I provide budget recommendations and oversee investments, employing easily understood reports for clarity and transparency.

Work Highlights

Creative should be compelling. I enjoy developing new experiences that support a brand story. Examples of website design, a case study and digital ads are below.

Website Experience, Content & Conversion

Trainer Rx Home Page

Brand development from image to content and digital. Typically creating with the human front and center. 

Customer Case Studies: Strategy and Design

Intraprise Health Case Study

Support sales with updated case studies. The example shown is for Intraprise Health.  

Digital Ad Strategy and Optimization

Digital Ads Client First

Cohesive digital creative can make a big impact when on a tight budget. My best practices ensure optimal results.

Pillars of Marketing Success

Focus on Revenue not just Growth

Emphasize smart, sustainable growth.

Know Your Target Audience

Understand the shifting needs and desires of your customers.

Embrace Innovation

Test use cases for AI, ABM, and  leadership content. Learn & Innovate.

Effective marketing begins with a trusted partner. Imagine greatness.

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