How To Build An Incredible Brand Jennifer George June 28, 2023

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Branding is a Vital Part of the Marketing Dance

Your brand is your identity and just like a dance, marketing requires fluid moves to stand out.  Find your groove and unique rhythm that will make your brand memorable or truly irresistible.

I began my career with Kaiser Permanente at the national level and have applied core learnings from that role and time at Intuit Usability labs creating content strategy to my branding strategies. The secret to my success? Consistency and creativity. Careful planning, consistent execution, and a deep understanding of the target audience. 

Investing in branding is critical. It is the backbone of everything else you do in marketing. It creates trust, fosters emotional connections, and influences how a product or company is perceived. Your brand will resonate with your audience when thoughtfully designed.

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Creating and evolving brands




  1. Brand Standards
  2. Brand Extensions
  3. Presentations 
  4. Content Templates
  5. Product Messaging
  6. Brand Identity
  7. Mobile App Branding
  8. Core Graphical Elements
  9. Style Guides

Project Highlights

A creative marketer’s world constantly evolves, especially in today’s dynamic landscape. I thrive on tackling diverse programs, campaigns, and projects, from brand development and corporate presentations to ads. Examples:

Branding Guide for a Start-up


Brand Standards for SMB Developed branding elements and style guide for.a start-up in the medtech space.  

Joint Branding 
Vocera & TIME


When Simple is Best
To tell the Time story, we leveraged the well recognized brand for all digital campaigns.

Powerpoint Templates
ClientFirst SMB Brand

ClientFirst Powerpoint Template

ClientFirst Corp Powerpoint 
Brand marketing basic standards include custom templates for organization

Elements of Branding Success

60% of all content created by brands is poor, irrelevant or is not delivered

Align Branding Identity & Image

How do you want your brand to be perceived? Align perception and belief.

Coordinate Brand Image & Content

Define your brand values and ensure your content sets the tone.

Link Org Culture & Brand Personality

Use brand values as your north star- internally and externaly.

Brand Projects: Time Allocated by Area

New Brand Development [beyond the logo] 95%
Revising Existing Brand Standards and Content 85%
Product Extensions including Mobile Apps 75%
Create a Brand that Stands Out

Effective branding begins with understanding the transformation possible. Imagine greatness.


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