Giving Back and Driving Change Heather Vee June 13, 2023
Supporting Our Communities

20+ years collaborating with social-focused organizations

Over two decades working with innovative companies. I use my experience building and working collaboratively to improve marketing and drive business transformation. A career built on resiliency and purpose. Explore my work below.

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AAST/WCTC Dr thought leaders
Cyclical Momentum

Grow to Give. Give to Grow.

Refuse instruction flow to bay
Environmentally Aware

The environment needs you + me. I spent the early part of my career in water education. I would return in a heartbeat.

Giving Back Garden Grow
Growing Communities

Passionate about science and gardens I volunteer at schools to build outdoor experiences in the South Bay.

Cooper University Hospital Shotspotter
An Advocate for Change

Yes! Hospital trauma teams + police + tech companies [like Shotspotter] can save lives.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
- Winston Churchill

Community Projects


Supporting causes that impact the air we breathe, the land we live on and the water we drink.

Community Health

Advocating for technology to transform the delivery of critical health services to communities.

Public Safety

Creating partnerships with trauma teams and public service departments- with a focus on outcomes research and mental health..
City of Sunnyvale
Environmental Education Program Manager
Messaging & Purpose

Establshed outreach program for the Water Pollution Control Plant [WPCP]: messaging, community strategy, content, press releases and curricula.

Mascots and Magic

Designed first mascot, aka Captain Sewer, for the WPCP and hands-on community events serving over 40,000 people.

School Outreach

Created and executed free environmental education program to over 100 K-12 schools in the Bay Area focused on hands-on experiences.

Coastal Commission Partnership

Initiated the regional partnership with the California Coastal Commission: Adopt a Creek to Coastal Cleanup Day. Efforts provided long-term support for local creeks and rivers.

Client Testimonial
"Working with Jennifer has been transformative for our 70 year-old non-profit. In just nine months, she overhauled our clinic operations, introducing innovative workflows, a new EHR, an inventory system, and a new staffing model to decrease costs, optimize the organization and improve the patient journey. We are immensely grateful for her expertise, professionalism, and commitment. We are now better equipped to fulfill our mission and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve."
Karae Lisle
CEO, Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Vista Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired Digital Transformation Lead - Clinic Operations
Journey Map

Created patient journey from initial connection allowing for a "closed loop" experience with Vista Center Clinic.

New Technology - Conductor

Recommendied and installed a modern clinic technology stack to improve operations and care coordination. Removed redundancy and manual processes by 75%.

Process Analysis (BPA)

Evaluated and designed Time & Motion study to improve clinic workflow. Created value process map to identify gaps and problem solve.

Staffing Model

Developed new staffing model, hired and upleveled team in 6 months to support clinic. Created financial model and worked with payors on positive coverage.

Shotspotter (AI, ML, SaaS, Public Safety)
Marketing Lead, New Markets & Hospital Partnerships
Influencer Targeting

Built a new market. Worked with hospital Csuite and local police departmernts to improve outcomes, reduce care costs.

Market Sizing

Created market research and personas for buyer targets across the hospital purchaser ecosystem which provided the foundation new market.

Sales Strategy

Partnered with sales and prospects to develop value proposition and messaging. Set revenue expectations. Trained SDR teams.

Product Validation

Led study protocol development with Level 1 Trauma Centers to demonstrate impact of technology to save lives.

Selected ShotSpotter PODCASTS and Webinars

These podcasts are pulled from a series developed to profile leaders in police departments and trauma who are focused on collaboration and supporting communities throughout the country. Webinars can be viewed here on the ShotSpotter site [on demand]. Trauma inflicted by gun fire in communities is a significant SDOH [social determents of health] issue.  [Article from Injury Epidemiology.[

Cultivating an ethos of social responsibility

I work with organizations to transform and modernize marketing.

Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19