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Hello! I am Jennifer George. I am driven by passion, curiosity, and the desire to help companies transform.

I am a Conversion Expert Award Winner Business Strategist Digital Innovator Brand Builder Product Launch Expert
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Over two decades of working with innovative companies. I use the power of vision, teams, and creativity to drive marketing and transformation projects. A career built on resiliency and purpose. Read Bio.


20 + Years of Impact
Start-up, Fortune 500 & SMB

End to End Marketing

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Begin With the End in Mind

Long term, forward looking game plan

It’s 2024. Is Marketing your co-Ceo? Today’s marketer is creative and technical. They are strategic, journey aligned and focus on metrics that matter. Masters of learning.  A well thought out marketing plan is as critical to success as is the talent you work with.  Channel marketing is vital.

Critical areas that influence strategy: target market, marketing mix and martech. Learn about my approach. 

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Embrace the Power of Branding

Branding is more than a logo, a slogan, or campaign.

I began my journey creating and innovating brands when I worked with Landor and Kaiser Permanente. Since that time I’ve come to believe that structured brand thinking and brand alignment is critical to foundational to marketing. 

It is the promise we make to our audiences, the personality we convey, the message we deliver and the identity we express. Put my years of experience building and launching brands to work for you.

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Accelerate Growth

Harness the power of Digital 1st Marketing

The past several years have brought great change. An explosion of channels, ad choices, and martech to help us make sense of the brave new world we are part of. 

I’ve spent years working in the digital ecosystem starting in the Usability Labs at Intuit.  I use my aptitude for technology and passion for customers to creatively position brands. I enjoy working with companies who are still norming, forming and shaping their brand as that where you can make a big difference. It is never too late to innovate marketing. 

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Reimagining the Future

The Path to Identity, Improve and Optimize

Gain a competitive edge. invest in research to understand organization position, what users want and how to effectively deliver to those goals. Reimagine what an experience could be with new processes and partnerships.

Companies leap ahead of the competition when they transform user insights [both internal and external] into real growth opportunities that foster a culture of transformation.

Vision without execution is hallucination.

~Thomas Edison


I help build​
branding marketing pipeline the future

Experience Matters. Explore My Portfolio.

I create engaging experiences that propel growth. From research, digital strategy, ads, content creation to product marketing and branding. End-to-End. Leveraging Design Thinking to discover, define, develop, and deliver growth.

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TIME Magazine Innovation Award
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“90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy.”
—MIT Sloan and Capgemini

B2B & B2C Experience

Video Highlights & Select Blogs

I’ve worked on numerous videos,  webinars and podcasts. Examples below include an “explainer” video for Shotspotter, a platform video for Intraprise Health [Cybersecurity company], and a link to select blogs.

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Chart Healthcare Risk
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