Build Better Using Proven Content Frameworks Jennifer George June 5, 2023

Build Better Using Proven Content Frameworks

The Power of Story WRITE & PERSUADE
We think in story. It’s hardwired in our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us.
Speak to customers in a language they understand. Jargon-free.
A Passion to Write
Operational excellence

I have been a writer since putting pen to paper 30 years ago and worked my way through newspapers. I spent my early 20’s writing for consumers then moved into B2B PR and communication.

Innovative solutions

Formally trained in Challenger communication from Corporate Executive Board. I’ve never lost my interest in creating a good story, the “hook”, the reason to care.

Now AI is a realistic part of a writers workworld and while I know how to use these tools in a constructive way, saving time, it does not replace the human element of a strong story narrative.

Content that Converts

I write content for a number of reasons from educating and informing to driving conversion. How do you write content that converts? You need to know your audience, personalize the message and design the information to ensure it is easy to consume. Part Art and Science.

Patient Ad Copy
Award winning Arthrocare Campaign
Platform Copy
Launch Medcore MD Saas Solution
Case Study
Microsoft Intelligent Systems + Omnicell
Demand Gen Brochure
Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19
Remote Care Story
Explain journey to patients, consumers
IMPROVE Research Study
Hackensack UMC transformed nursing workflow
Product Positioning
Work with CEB to develop sales talk tracks for Omnicell products
Product Webinars
Developed, launched, promoted 15 webinars
I Dream of... Content that Converts

After a few decades of writing anything and everything I’ve come to believe to write compelling copy you need structure and to understand your audiences motivations. I write to educate and inform. Long to short form content. Sales decks, webinars to product pitches. 

The key to success? Personalized and curated. Easy to consume. Part Art and Science.

Curated Content

I’ve crafted compelling white papers, inspirational ad copy, infogrpaphics, webinars and more designed to reach audiences across diverse markets. My versatile writing elevates a brand’s message creatively and clearly. For additional examples, see Industries and Portfolio. 

Crafting Emails for Conversion: Tips

I follow specific steps when creating content for campaigns.  If you can, develop a template and llibrary that you can modify without major rework. NOTE: Users SKIM copy, espcially email – you have 30 seconds to make an impact! Brevity rules. 

Develop Personas

Identify who you are writing for and why they should care. What is the "WIFM" - What is in it for me? Persona writing is critical to success.

Topic & Timing

Deliver the right topic at the right time. Check Google search trends and other resources to ensure your in line with the market.

Inverted Pyramid

The who, what, when, where and why appear at the start of a story, followed by supporting details and background information.

Headline & Length

Headlines should grab attention. Short, snappy. The body content needs to be relevant and drive decisions. Query an AI bot for ideas. I like to use CoSchedule for email headlines.

Content Framing for Webpages

When I worked in usability and content design at Intuit I learned at a deep level how users interact online. Clicking and discovering. Fast forward, today’s digital audience scan and this won’t be ending anytime soon.

Using ‘Z-shape’ pattern for Online Content

A Z-pattern design traces the route the human eye travels when they scan the page— left to right, top to bottom:

  • First, people scan from the top left to the top right, forming a horizontal line (traditional to how someone would read a book)
  • Next, down and to the left side of the page, creating a diagonal line
  • Last, back across to the right again, forming a second horizontal line

Z-Pattern scanning occurs on pages that aren’t centered on the text (for text-heavy pages such as articles or search results, it’s better to use F-Pattern, described here in detail: F-Pattern).

This makes z-pattern good solution for simple designs with a minimal copy and a few key elements that need to be seen.  Get started today. 

Z Layout Best Practices
Z Layout Best Practices Add subtitle here
  • Point #1: Starting point of journey. A prime location for your logo and other essentials including phone # and search. .

  • Point #2: Place priority items along the top of the Z. The eye will naturally follow the path of the Z, Then place your secondary “call to action” at the end. Put more visual weight into Point #2 element. Page Center: Use for human element. or a video while still urging eyes downward to the next line.

  • Point #3: Drives interest, validity using social proof and guide the user to a decision [happens at Point #4.]
Stories influence, teach and inspire

Invest in creating content that excites your customers and prospects.


I enjoy writing and sharing insights about my marketing journey. The following editorial content, including a short podcast interview, is hosted on LinkedIn. 

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Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19