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    Jennifer George

    The owner of JGMMC, has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for over 25 years. [San Jose, CA 95125].

    “Visualize success. The choices you make today guide your tomorrow. This is why it is is incredibly important to work with with an experienced marketing innovator.”
    — Jennifer George
    My Leadership Traits

    Forward-thinking marketer. I design programs that are adaptable to changing market dynamics while still considering balancing risk and reward.


    I advocate for being authentic. By creating the true purpose of “why” a buyer should care, a brand will come across as genuine.


    Being creative = using original and unusual ideas are the heart of my projects. 

    Project Highlights

    A creative Marketer’s world is constantly changing, especially today.  I enjoy working on a wide breadth of programs and projects from brand to ads. A few examples are below. 

    Best Innovations Ad
    Vocera – Time Magazine

    ClientFirsr Social Media

    Client First Services
    Paid Media Ad Campaign to target local government IT buyers

    Digital Ads for ClientFirst Consulting Firm

    Awards and Recognition
    Why not leverage a well-known brand for your marketing? To tell the Vocera story, we used a simple and elegant layout for our campaign.

    Email and Digital Ads for Medcore MD
    Contact Images V1A

    Medcore MD SaaS Platform
    Brand marketing kit including template emails and social media banners.

    Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19