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Local Government IT Consulting
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ClientFirst Consulting Firm [Services]

Major Project Elements

Core Marketing including Branding, Lit, Presentations, Messaging, Tradeshow Displays, Digital Ad Strategy and Creative [Linkedin, Agency etc.]

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Building Blocks for Growth

ClientFirst Consulting Firm was referred to me by a good friend I worked with at a previous employer [she was on the sales side].  She was hired to build out and manage the sales strategy at ClientFirst.  They are a small, privately owned company, in the local government IT consulting area with a clear understanding of their customers. 

Marketing is a conversation with your brand and audience 

The core of all good marketing is a great converation with your audience based on truth, authenticity and knowing who you’re talking to. We started at rebuilding the brand at the core level and relaunched a website then moved into demand gen and sales lit. 

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Cross Section

Outbound marketing works best when images and messaging are consistent. Our marketing campaigns seamlessly integrate into various channels to create impact. By leveraging compelling ads, targeted emails, engaging websites with proper forms, and case studies, our message resonates with target audiences, driving conversion.

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Brand Build + Website Hub = Growth

Our brand development and marketing strategy coupled with smart investments that match the market segment have assisted in doubling Clientfirst’s growth over 2+ years. I’m excited about the path the company is on as leaders in the IT Government Consulting space. 

Approach to SMB Marketing

Structured Outreach

When creating campaigns and for SMB you need to be strategic about matching budget to tactics. What I’ve seen work well is a mix of strong brand presence [identity], solid website, in-person events [own the experience, sponsor the coffee, wifi etc], and consistent paid ad programs and organic postings on social media [typically Linkedin]. 

Investing in assets like videos to tell your story is also imperative. It does not require a large team but it does require talent. People who know what they are doing.  

It is important to know in the example of ClientFirst that we send pre and post-show emails; however, most of the company’s budget is spent on communication [sales materials] and ads. This strategy is dictated by the target audience. 


Before / After
Your Most Valuable Asset Is Your Website

When I started working with ClientFirst, their website had not been touched in 4 years. That is a long time for something to sit dormant. As you can imagine, it was broken across the board. I rebuilt it from zero in a reasonable way that supported their business but was designed for minimal maintenance and upkeep. We also addressed Google rankings and keywords, SEO / SEM. The content is aligned with the audience ClientFirst sells to.

The process did take time. However, what it has today sets it apart from other companies that have not evolved. 

62% of B2B buyers say they can make a purchase selection based solely on digital content [Forester, 2020 data]. To learn more about digital conversion, read the Outreach blog [external site].

How are you leveraging your website? Is it set up to drive sales? Connect today to discuss how I can help. 


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