Omnicell Product and Channel Marketing Examples Jennifer George May 14, 2024

Foundational Product Marketing Support

Product / Solution

Omnicell Enterprise Solutions
Channel Marketing Examples:
Codonics, Microsoft & Stanford UMC

Major Project Elements

Market Planning and Strategy, Messaging, Positioning, Market Research, Partnership Management, Pricing Models, Backend Marketing Systems, Agile Product Development

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AWS Sales Sheet

Product Marketing for Enterprises

I joined Omnicell as they were transitioning to an AGILE company. A large consulting firm had just exited, and now they were using core teams for product management. My highly skilled marketing team of 8 managed upstream and downstream. We spent over 40% of our time in the field, meeting with partners, health systems, sales, and creating business plans. Everyone owned a solution, and were responsible for performance.

By listening, we crafted a better story and created disruptive products. The commitment and dedication of the team contributed to the company’s revenue growth of 300%+ over 6 years.  Unique to their history.

Enterprise B2B growth can be challenging for solutions with LONG sales cycles. The key to solve? Understanding and executing strategic product development with marketing and sales enablement is criticial for success.

Project Reel

Market Research, Symposium, Ads and CMEs

Selling products with a long sales cycle requires a deep understanding of the customer journey. I start with research and then move into engagement, ads, and customer support [post-sale]. The samples below are specific programs aligned to that process. 

Category: Product Management
Market Research
Peer Publications 

ROI Study. This infographic is the outcome of months of research with IDNs / Enterprise Healthcare providers on the impact of modern technology on clinical workflow. 

EPIC Omnicell Flyer
Category: Product Platform
Business Cases
Market Research
Product Roadmap Dev

In person meetings with leaders are important to the move adoption of new solutions. We worked with Epic to host roundtables across the US. 

Omnicell Healthcare Ad
Category: Branding
Display Ads
Social Media

Creativity drives interest in healthcare. I love the simplicity of this campaign. The tagline "Our Obsession is Your Solution" was a core theme before use of Challenger content

CME Course Example
Category:  Product Marketing
Product Training
Market Research
Market Education

Medical Education and Training are critical to product adoption. I wrote a nurse ed program covering how new technology works with med admin workflow—with Healthstream LMS.

Sales Support and Marketing

The sales process for medication management solutions is complex .

The average deal size is $500K. Marketing played an important role in shaping product education and training at the company. Beyond the silde deck.  

I created sales kits that included feature grids, persona perspectives, and other tools to improve retention and understanding of what works with this audience. Examples on the left. Additional information.

Product Marketing Impact

Setting marketing goals, creating scorecards, and measuring contributions are all critical to success.

Converted all marketing content to Challenger
Grew Peer to Peer Program from 0 to top 10 IDNs.
Build Channel Sales from $0 to $30M
Growing Green Award Winner [Marketing 1st]
Lead by getting started

My years of experience in the fundamentals will propel your business.

Managing From Beginning to End IS The Process

Structured Sales Training

“Challenger” sales foundations, which we used at both Omnicell and Vocera/Stryker, focused on presenting the prospect with the right asset at the right time to drive conversion and interest. 

They focus on assisting sales with message prep and delivering the right assets to support the sales conversation.
Was this investment worth it? Absolutely.  

Delivering materials for sales that are on point, explained well and support solution sales create loyalty and trust, enabling a true problem and solution conversation to evolve. 

Sales Training

Powerful Prospect Conversations

How much time do you spend curating, building, and developing sales content? At Omnicell, this was our lifeblood. Every day was spent on sales enablement. The outcome = marketing knew what works to drive the conversation forward with prospects—simplifying how we present and speak to hardware, software, enterprise, cloud, and SaaS.

My team developed training guides, cards, videos, and contests via “rinse and repeat.”
The Result? 300% growth over 6 years.
Read more about Power Positioning [external link].

Channel Marketing Programs

At Omnicell, I also owned Channel Marketing and built this area from zero to $MMM in revenue over six years. My work involved sourcing partners, writing business plans with financial models, and cultivating success through go-to-market. I won the Growing Green award for building the Medisafe partnership. I am proud to have worked with many incredible companies that believe in frame-breaking and empowering teams. 

Outbound Campaign Elements
Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19