Thank You for Contacting Me Jennifer George October 26, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to explore my site and learn more about my approach to marketing and business growth. I hope you leave feeling inspired to challenge the norm and drive your brand and yourself in new and exciting ways.

Careers are not linear. We are all interconnected in ways we may not fully understand, yet they resonate deeply. Have faith in the future and in your ability to make a meaningful difference.

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About Creating a Culture of Growth .....

I follow the bright and articulate Indiana University Prof Mary Murphy, and author of Culures of Growth. People assume that Cultures of Genius are more successful because, after all, they are filled with geniuses. Her data shows over and over that it’s actually Cultures of Growth that are more agile, rigorous, and successful.  

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One-on-One Marketing Consulting Introduction Meeting to listen, learn and introduce myself. I've been helping business navigate their journey using website development and email marketing and digital tools to sale, communicate, connect and convert prospects into top customers.

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