JGMMC Website Sitemap Jennifer George June 28, 2023

Portfolio Deep Dive

Digital Marketing at Scale [health, tech]

Discover more about my work at Vocera [now Stryker] and what it took to build a team and successful programs that drove demand generation during the Pandemic. Digital 1st strategies highlighted.

Med Management and Partnerships

Creative marketing and leadership is proven to drive growth at a company undergoing transformation. From adopting Agile to migrating to the Cloud and building partnerships, a marketer's role is both deep and wide.

Government Consulting Services

Learn about my expeirence rebuilding an SMB brand and how creating a winning framework with a focus on digital marketing has enabled the company to thrive.

Mobile, SaaS Marketing Campaigns

In software marketing it pays to be nimble, creative and focused. See examples of digital experiences and campaigns. Learn about the impact of marketing programs in these areas.

Demand Gen Brochure Educate, Problem Solve during COVID-19